Documentary Collections Terms

At URIPS, we strive to provide secure and efficient payment methods to facilitate international trade. Our Documentary Collections terms offer a reliable and straightforward approach to managing your commodity transactions. Here’s what you can expect when you choose URIPS under Documentary Collections terms:

What are Documentary Collections?

Documentary Collections are a payment method in international trade where the seller ships the goods and sends the shipping documents to the buyer's bank. The buyer's bank then releases the documents to the buyer upon payment or acceptance of a bill of exchange. This method provides security for both the buyer and the seller by involving the banks in the transaction.

Key Features of Our Documentary Collections Service

How It Works

  1. Order Confirmation:
    • Place your order with URIPS and specify Documentary Collections terms.
    • Receive a detailed quotation and proforma invoice.
  2. Shipment:
    • URIPS prepares and ships the goods according to the agreed schedule.
    • Shipping documents are sent to the buyer's bank for processing.
  3. Document Handling:
    • The buyer's bank informs the buyer of the arrival of the documents.
    • The buyer makes the payment or accepts the bill of exchange to receive the documents.
  4. Receipt of Goods:
    • The buyer uses the documents to take possession of the goods.
    • URIPS provides support throughout the shipment and document handling process.

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